AntTail has moved, our new office address is: Computerweg 22, 3542 DR Utrecht. 

For its global temperature monitoring solution AntTail needed a connectivity platform capable of delivering a robust network, with the ability to scale quickly. Smart sensor now track vaccin temperature throughout the supply chain, ensuring product quality and authenticity. Read the case study:

 AntTail Vodafone IoT

AntTail will visit the PDA Event “Pharmaceutical Cold & Supply Chain Logistics - October 11th-12th in Amsterdam. Want to make an appointment to meet up and discuss the latest developments in the pharmaceutical supply chain, temperature monitoring and anti-counterfeiting solutions? Get in touch and drop us an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A future where everything is connected and everything and maybe even people carry sensors and chips, is probably closer than we think. Endless possibilities to improve our business and maybe more importantly our lives, but apart from great ideas and applications, we need connectivity.

This technology scan gives an overview of new solutions provided by telecom operators to support the “Internet of Things” (IoT) vision. This scan describes the developments and planning and compares three technologies; AntTail’meshnetworks, LORA and NB-IoT.

World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines and manufacturer product inserts recommend that all vaccines except oral polio vaccine be kept at 2–8 ◦C during in-country distribution. But as the pharmaceutical supply chain is long and complex, temperature monitoring is key to preserving product quality. This infographic shows which challenges need to be addressed and how they can be resolved.

Anttail infographic small