World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines and manufacturer product inserts recommend that all vaccines except oral polio vaccine be kept at 2–8 ◦C during in-country distribution. But as the pharmaceutical supply chain is long and complex, temperature monitoring is key to preserving product quality. This infographic shows which challenges need to be addressed and how they can be resolved.

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Sensortechnologie verbetert zorg voor patiënten

Maar liefst negentig procent van de medicijnen die thuis worden ingenomen, voldoet niet meer door- dat ze bij een te hoge of juist te lage temperatuur zijn bewaard. Voor het farmaceutische bedrijf MSD aanleiding om het CALM-programma te ontwik- kelen. Dit bestaat uit een hoogwaardig ‘medicatie- koelkastje’ en per verpakking een temperatuur- en een lichtsensor van AntTail. “De patiëntveiligheid neemt hiermee met sprongen toe”, aldus Pieter Six, medeoprichter van AntTail.  

This factsheet gives an overview of AntTail sensors for temperature monitoring in the pharmaceutical supply chain. But hardware is only a part of the solution - the AntTail service is cloud based and provides transparancy throughout the supply chain.

The AntTail supply chain solution consists of different sensors for every part of the chain – addressing specific needs for transport in boxes, pallets, trucks, warehouse and even patient home solutions. All sensors work together seamlessly and are an integral part of the service, which allows transporters to monitor temperature in each phase of transport: real time and online. As a secure cloud computing solution, companies need not invest in complicated infrastructure and software solutions. AntTail provides both the sensors and the software as a service. 

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AntTail from sensor to service

The era of the “connected refrigerator” may have arrived, but Mark Roemers, co-founder of Netherlands-based AntTail, has simply given up on consumer refrigerators, smart or otherwise. They don’t cool evenly, with a dozen or more degrees Fahrenheit temperature difference between storage in the door and storage in the back of a typical refrigerator — more than enough to allow for degradation of certain medications. 

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As per February 1st 2016, Robert Jan Gorter has joined AntTail as Program Manager, responsible for introducing AntTail products and services to customers. He will also be involved in new product development as AntTail is continually expanding it’s line of temperature monitoring solutions with new products and services.

Prior to joining AntTail, Gorter was responsible for managing the development, validation, realization and introduction of new products based on the Myria Wise wireless network technology. During the development phase he was actively involved in the requirement and architecture definition and managed the design of hardware, embedded firmware, wireless network software and the software coupling with back office systems.

“It’s the right time to join AntTail,” says Gorter. “At Chess Wise I was working on the development of the AntTail temperature sensors. Now I can play an instrumental part in the actual delivery of sensors and temperature solutions for new AntTail customers.”

Mark Roemers, AntTail CEO adds: “We’re happy that Robert Jan has joined our team. His experience in this field is very valuable and will help us to accelerate our product development and service our customers.”

Gorter holds a degree in Electronics from University of Technology in Delft and a PhD and a Masters degree in Mechatronics from the Eindhoven University of Technology.