Schermafbeelding 2015 11 18 om 22.46.12Over 90% of medicine that is used at home, does not meet the quality standards because they are kept at wrong temperatures. [in Dutch]

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"In a $158 billion market, up to an estimated 35% of vaccines and medicines are outside of specs due to temperature excursions"

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Our proposition:

Deliver compliance to the Cold Chain & Reduces waste of precious medication and enhancing profitability by combatting counterfeiting:

Our Solution:

A global security & temperature monitoring service to protect medication and vaccines
- Traceability combined with Temperature monitoring from manufacturer to patient
- Information globally available and accessible through internet, enabled by SAAS platform

Easy to use and simple to install equipment of battery powered wireless sensors
- Robust solution, easy to apply on any shipment or location
- Easy to install and to use through the complete supply chain (manufacturer – patient)
- Multiple means to harvest sensitive temperature data